Monday, January 30, 2012

new gadget love - polaroid printer

i have been looking for a way to print my phone photos fast for scrapbooking and art journaling. i settled with sending them to walgreens, but i wasn't completely satisfied. then i found the polaroid pogo instant mobile printer on i was so excited!! after reading reviews and making sure it was actually a good printer, i ordered it :) i did the bundle pack on amazon, buying the printer and a pack of 50 photo prints (and of course i got the paper first- buzz kill). but the printer finally came...

Polaroid Pogo Printer

...and i love it!! although there was a bit of a hitch, and after searching the internet, i found the answers. so for those of you who are interested, i made a pro/con list for you.

Photo 1 - 2012-01-22
-the prints are super cute and tiny (only 2"x 3")- perfect for pages and journals!
-and bonus, the prints are on sticky back paper!
-small and portable, easy to take along
-fairly inexpensive; the paper is not ridiculously priced either, like other instant cameras
-the prints take less than a minute to come through

-is not compatible with the iphone!! see below
-the quality of print is a little lacking, but i think the outcome is unique and a bit vintage looking.

when searching and reading reviews, i did not see anything about not being able to connect with the iphone. i was mega bummed. but i learned that it is not polaroids fault, but apple's weird bluetooth restrictions. luckily, someone has already figured a way around it. it is not ideal, but i works. you can find the step by step instructions here.

My new little instant printer :) the pictures are only 2" x 3"!! So cute :)
after working through that problem, it worked great! needless to say, i'm pretty happy with my purchase!

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